Sounds of Language & Speech

A research group called LVC/Phon Group was initiated at Aarhus University in spring 2017. LVC stands for Language Variation and Change, and Phon for Phonetics and Phonology. The group has been taking place fortnightly.

In future (starting in fall 17/18), the group will focus on Sounds of Language and Speech. This necessarily involves language variation and change, but due to the general interests of the regular attendees, we have decided to focus on the phonetic/phonological level of language and also include relevant research in the area of speech. We plan to meet fortnightly next semester again in building 1481.

If you’d like to be informed of our meetings, send an email to misa.hejna[at] or anna.jespersen[at] We welcome researchers and/or students from any department/school. No matter how advanced you are, get in touch if interested. As can be seen below, the meetings concentrate on discussions of selected papers, research presentations, and cake eating.


Schedule for spring 2017:

Week & data Activity Who (the main – but not the only – contributor)
Week 10 – LVC/Phon

(9/03 – floor 2 tables corridor in 1481)

organisational meeting everyone who can
Week 12 – LVC

(24/03 – 1481, 324)

Eckert, P. 1996. “Vowels and nail polish: the emergence of linguistic style in the preadolescent heterosexual marketplace”.  Gender and Belief Systems. Míša
Week 14 – Phon

(6/04 – 1481, 324)

Grønnum, Nina. 1998. “Danish”, The Illustrations of the International Phonetic Association 28, 1-2: 99-105. Anna
Week 16 – LVC

(21/04 – 1481, 324)

Johnston, T.; Schembri, A. 2010. “Variation, lexicaliztation and grammaticalisation in signed languages”. Language et société 1, 131: 19-35. cancelled
Week 18 – Phon

(4/05 – 1481, 324)


Kirby, J. 2014. “Incipient tonogenesis in Phnom Penh Khmer: acoustic and perceptual studies”. Journal of Phonetics 43, 1: 69-85.



Kirby, J. 2014. “Incipient tonogenesis in Phnom Penh Khmer: computational studies”. Laboratory Phonology 5, 1: 195-230.

all (Sidsel)
Week 20 – LVC

(19/05 – 1481, 324)

Newman, M.; Wu, A. 2011. “”Do you sound Asian when you speak English?” Racial identification and voice in Chinese and Korean Americans’ English”. American Speech 86, 2: 152-78.


Deepthi Gopal (University of Manchester, UK) presenting “Modelling similarity-driven phonological generalisations” [work done with Henri Kauhanen and Sephen Nichols] SLIDES HERE

Week 22 – Phon

(2/06 – 1481, 324)

Rasmus Hansen gives a talk on “affrication in Danish dialects”


Anna Jespersen gives a talk on “audience effects on the phonetic realisation of uptalk rises”


Gussenhoven –> to be discussed next time






Week 24 – Phon

(16/06 – 1481, 324, 12:00-13:00, possibly longer depending on how cosy we get)

Anna will tell us all about ICLaVE 9 (International Conference on Language Variation in Europe)


NEW: Sidsel Rasmusen will be telling us about “perceptual assimilation of Mandarin Chinese consonants by native Danish speakers”


Escudero, P.; Boersma, P. 2004. “Bridging the gap between L2 speech perception research and phonological theory”. SSLA 26: 551-85.


Likely to be shifted to next time: Gussenhoven, C. “A vowel height split explained: compensatory listening and speaker control”.






Week 26 – LVC/Phon


cancelled everyone away :o)

but we will be back in the next semester…



“A comparison of Danish listeners’ processing cost in judging the truth value of Norwegian, Swedish, and English sentences”

“What is it like to see your own vocal folds?”

Ocke & Trine



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