Since January 2017, I have been involved in the following courses at Aarhus University, Denmark:

English Linguistics 2: The history and development of the English language (spring) [EL2_history_handbook]

English Linguistics 3: English in its social contexts (spring) [EL3_handbook2019]

When the music changes, you change too: contemporary variation in English dialects [handbook]

Types of language variation in English [handbook]

Disciplinary Perspectives & Interdisciplinary Analysis (fall)

English Linguistics 1 (fall; phonetics-phonology seminars with minor students)


I have also taught the following, in various forms, since 2015:

– Change in Modern English [handbook]

– Language Variation and Change in English Accents

– Language and Gender: Conducting a Case Study

– Language Across Space

– Sociolinguistics and the Sociology of Language

DSCF6938Photo: English Linguistics 3 – visit to the Women’s Museum in 2018 in the week on LVC and gender, sex, and sexuality.


Photo: English Linguistics 2 – History of the English Language – Laura brought schwa cupcakes (2018).


Photo: English Linguistics 2 – History of the English Language – recital of The Dream of the Rood with Lasse (2018).


Photo: English Linguistics 3 – Line is presenting the Department Stores study (2019).


Co-authored with (former) students:

Hejná, M.; Scanlon, J. 2015. “New laryngeal allophony in Manchester English.” 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Glasgow.


Have a look at some of the works by my students:

Bisbo, L. 2017. “Breathy voice and fundamental frequency: portraying gender in The Danish Girl.” Leviathan 2: 71-91. [third-year BA project]

Jelle, J. 2017. “A study in Scarlett: creaky voice and romantic intention in Spike Jonze’s Her.” Leviathan 1: 35-44. [second-year UG course assignment]

Klinke, J. 2018. “Tentative language is kind of complicated, isn’t it? A critical overview.” Leviathan 3: 40-50. [second-year UG course assignment]

Matson, L. 2019. “Educational equality: mitigating linguistic discrimination in Second Language Teaching.” Leviathan 5: 13-24. [second-year UG course assignment]

Porsgaard, M. 2019. “Semiotic stereotypes: how being a Jewish stereotype, speaking Jewish English and being a negative character are correlated on South Park and Family Guy.” Leviathan 5: 33-45.

Richards, L. 2018. “Lifting the lid on the Upper-Crust Received Pronunciation: a real-time study in linguistic change.” Leviathan 3: 51-65. [second-year UG course assignment]

Sommerlund, K. 2017. “Critical overview: gender and language.” Leviathan 1: 16-26. [second-year UG course assignment]

Svendsen, A. D. 2018. “Lakoff and women’s language: a critical overview of the empirical evidence of Lakoff’s thesis.” Leviathan 4: 1-11. [second-year UG course assignment]


Student journals at Aarhus University of relevance to LVC:

Language Works

Leviathan: Interdisciplinary Journal in English

Lifespans and Styles – Undergraduate Journal in Sociolinguistics

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