My name is Míša [ˈmiːʃa] Hejná [ˈɦɛɪnaː]. A rather formal versLipno 2015ion of the name is Michaela  ([ˈmɪxaˌɛla]). Contact me at misprdlina[at]gmail[dot].com.

My research interests lie primarily in the areas of phonetics, phonology, and language variation and change. I am very much interested in Ohalian and Labovian approaches to our understanding of sound change and the motivations behind the sound patterns of languages. I am currently developing a research pathway that addresses the question of what is physiological and what is social in phonetic and phonological patterns.

Some of the projects I have been involved in include:

  1. universal and non-universal constraints on pre-aspiration and sonorant devoicing
  2. laryngeal allophonies
  3. fortis-lenis contrast
  4. aspiration dissimilation
  5. glottal squeaks
  6. effects of biological ageing on contrast implementation (with laryngeals)


I am very grateful to all those who have led me as linguists, teachers, and friends. I am also grateful to all my respondents and other persons helping me with my fieldwork. I thank you all and wish you well!