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My research interests lie primarily in the areas of phonetics, phonology, and language variation and change. I am very much interested in Ohalian and Labovian approaches to our understanding of sound change and the motivations behind the sound patterns of languages. I am currently developing a research pathway that addresses the question of what is physiological (and/or mechanical) in phonetic and phonological patterns.

Some of the projects I have been involved in include:

  1. universal and non-universal constraints on pre-aspiration and sonorant devoicing
  2. laryngeal allophonies
  3. fortis-lenis contrast
  4. aspiration dissimilation
  5. glottal squeaks
  6. effects of biological ageing on contrast implementation (with laryngeals)
  7. relationships between global and local laryngeal phenomena, and interactions between their prosodic and segmental conditioning


I am very grateful to all those who have led me as linguists, teachers, and friends. I am also grateful to all my respondents and other persons helping me with my fieldwork. I thank you all and wish you well!

A frequently asked question: is it Míša or Michaela [ˈmɪxaˌɛla]? I am both, but the latter is a very formal version of my name, which I only use in formal documents.