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Hello and welcome. I’ve been working as an Assistant Professor in the English Language (language variation and change) at the Department of English at Aarhus University, Denmark, since January 2017. You can contact me at misa.hejna[at]

My research interests lie primarily in the areas of phonetics, phonology, and language variation and change. I am very much interested in motivations behind sound change, and constraints on sound change. Although I like many sounds, I’ve always felt very attracted to those produced primarily by the larynx.

Sounds of Language and Speech is a research group based at Aarhus University, which I initiated in January 2017 and which I coordinate with Anna Jespersen. To find out more, visit our website, maintained by Anna Jespersen. You can get a sneaky peak on our group in one of the promo videos of the Department of English at Aarhus or by reading a blog entry about the group.


I am very grateful to all those who have led me as linguists, teachers, and friends. I am also grateful to all my respondents and other persons helping me with my fieldwork. I am no less thankful to all my students, who make this all so much more worthwhile.


“Oh, I had changed all right. Everybody changes. Change is ordained. Changes must come.” Saul Bellow, Henderson the Rain King.